• At any age...

    Infants through Seniors

    If you're pregnant

    or adopting a baby...

    If you drive and text

    or if a loved one does...


    or are a roofer, or any other hazardous profession...

    If you're allergic

    or have any bothersome condition...


    or ride a horse, or do almost any sport...





    Every time you go to a doctor, Emergency room, or test facility....

    you have to fill in the same forms time after time. PHR-Rescue simplifies all that! Enter your health data one time. You only need come back to edit changes, like a new prescription. You enter your data only once and the program will re-organize, de-personalize, and deliver a complete, identity-theft-proof history you can present instead of filling out similar forms.

    By taking
    control of your health history, you save time and money. You make sure that your medical team is all on the same page, increasing the accuracy of your medical treatment.


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  • WHY PHR?


    We are in the middle of a healthcare revolution. For most of us, health records are hand-written and stored on each individual doctors' shelf. In case of emergency, it may take days to gather records from the primary care doctor as well as from specialists and test facilities.

    Vital information may come too late. Today, medical records are gradually being converted into digital form. The U.S. Government offers doctors a stipend to do so, but the process is moving very slowly. Doctors who already have electronic records don't want to convert to another system. Those who keep hand-written or typed records are not eager to face the daunting job of computerizing vast amounts of medical records.

    Copyright 2018-2019 , Newton Malerman, All rights reserved, Patent Pending


    A few of our active management team members

    Newt Malerman

    BFA, BS in ED

    Newt is a prize winning sculptor. He is also the inventor and developer of the PHR-Rescue system.

    How did a sculptor qualify for this job? Fifteen years ago, Newt was diagnosed with Prostate cancer, and in the ensuing several years had a total of seven serious stays in the hospital. He carefully observed the often chaotic health system and wrote a widely quoted book about it, "The Prostate Health Workbook."


    Newt wanted to call it "How To Get Out of the Hospital Alive" but his editor thought it was too flip. Doctors suggested that the advice given in that book was helpful to anyone navigating the health system, not just cancer patients.

    Newt followed their suggestions and "The Hospital Survivors' Workbook" was born.

    Both books are on sale in many bookstores including Amazon and Barnes and Noble. The PHR-Rescue program incorporates the advice given in the workbooks, but updated and made more accessible in digital format.

    We believe that it is the only patient-centric program that uses multiple safeguards to thwart identity theft.



    Joseph Carchedi, MD

    V.P.Medical Implementation


    Dr. Carchedi is a board certified physician who holds medical degrees in both the United States and Europe.

    He began his career as a physician in Internal Medicine and Emergency Medicine. He later provided medical support for the cycling team of Lance Armstrong, adding Sports Medicine to his specialties. An avid cyclist, he was on the medical staff for the professional cycling Tour of China and the Tour DuPont.

    Dr. Carchedi has over 20 years of clinical experience in the emergency room, and now specializes in Executive Health and Functional Medicine He combines aspects of traditional and functional medicine to maximize their performance and health. Dr. Carchedi has lectured in the United States and Italy on the role nutrition plays in stress management and corporate decision-making. He is a consultant for Novartis, Italy, C.E.O. of the Vita Nova Group, Inc. and is the founder of the Blue Bell Wellness Institute.


    Advisory Board

    Psychotherapist, educator, and author, Deborah earned her graduate degree in Clinical Social Work from the Bryn Mawr College Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research, where she became a faculty member. At Drexel University Medical School, she teaches Sex Therapy to psychiatry residents. As a professor at Cabrini College, she taught Crisis Intervention and Group Dynamics.

    She has done extensive research in intergenerational family relations, remarriage issues, family communication skills, personality theory, and sex therapy. At the Jewish Family Service of Philadelphia, she was a therapist providing direct family service, was the supervisor of the Walk-In Service for Older Adults, and served as the Director of Family Life Education.


    Distinguished an innovator by her workshops and publications. An independent consultant to medical schools in the U.S.A., Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Canada,she teaches MDs and physicians-in-training to communicate effectively with their patients. She authored two education books,"Study Skills and Test-Taking Strategies for Medical Students," and "Find and Use Your Personal Learning Style." Her books are sold in the U.S., Europe, and Japan.

    In her private practice as a psychotherapist, she specializes in relationship therapy and individual treatment of adults and adolescents seeking insight regarding their behavior and interactions with their families. Deborah Shain is chairman of the Ethics Committee of the Pennsylvania Society for Clinical Social Work, and is a Diplomate of The American Psychological Association."


    Technical Advisor

    Dan Stein is a retired Pediatric Nurse Practitioner who has worked in community medicine since the early 70’s.

    He spent the bulk of his nursing career caring for children, and trained in a variety of modalities, always working to bring humane health care practices to his patients and their families. A long-time hospice volunteer, Dan has a particular interest in palliative and end-of-life care.

    He currently serves on the board of the PA DelVal Chapter of the Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Association as the head of website and communications.Dan received his undergraduate degree from Widener University and his MSN from the University of Pennsylvania.

    Dan has run Digital Software Solutions, a Computer Consulting and FileMaker application company, for the last 19 years. He is a certified FileMaker developer and an active member of the FileMaker community. An avid organic gardener and cook, Dan is committed to ensuring that information about health and health care options is easily available and accessible to people from all backgrounds.


    Advisory Board

    Dana earned B.A. in Biological Psychology, and her R.N. with emphasis on women's health issues, including all aspects of patient care in labor and delivery, Antepartum, Nursery and Postpartum. She is certified in massage therapy, and emergency medicine.

    She is universally loved by her patients and collegues alike for her proven compassionate care. Fluent in Italian, she served as an Independent Therapist in Umbertide, Italy.

    In the past, she has delivered patient care for chronic-care issues, including AIDS, wound care, ventilators, and diabetes. She is recognized too for creating a widely used diabetic injection teaching tool.

    Ms. Greene is pleased to vet the "Health Quest" questionnaires, and reviews all aspects of our medical tips, forms, and checklists.


    V.P. of Operations

    Elaine worked for a technical book publisher selling hardware and software information to IT managers. She formed a company with 2 partners providing sales and IT software support for high tech companies.

    She was indefatigable in heading our extensive beta testing efforts and vets our extensive website content. She has helped to shape the structure that has created PHR-Rescue, and is credited with making our content more easily understood, and at the same time, more secure.

    In her free time, she helps administer the Wissahickon Dance Academy. She is also a member of the board of International Ballet Exchange.

    Copyrights 2018-2019 , Newton Malerman, All rights reserved, Patent Pending

  • Privacy or piracy? Health records are the preferred target of hackers. We take your privacy seriously. Omitting your family name and other identifiers leaves nothing that the ID thieves can sell. Sensitive fields like email addresses are double encrypted. Rest easy knowing that PHR-Rescue keeps your data safe.



    A PHR Life Services subscription provides low-cost tools and strategies that can make a significant improvement in how you, your family, employees, or group members safely interact with the health community. Users save time and money, and their lives are protected in a medical emergency.



    Delivered Several times each month through our virtual private network

    The PHR Logo

    PHR LIFE SERVICE is a patient-centric suite of tools, data, and news aimed at giving the health care consumer common-sense tactics to take control of this vital area of their lives. A subscription helps you to avoid redundant tests and treatments that unnecessarily build up health costs. Available at a low fee, a subscription to PHR Life Services is a product that follows a person regardless of their employment situation.” Health practitioners find that these offerings save them time and money, and make their practice of medicine more accurate and effective.

    Start by trying our PERSONAL HEALTH RECORD

    THERE IS NO CHARGE for your FREE HEALTH HISTORY. Try it for free for a month. You'll see that we make complicated concepts easy. We take you by the hand and lead you step by step to create a Health History that makes your medical treatment safer and saves you time and money. Then scan through the subscription plan to see the amazing array of health tools, news, and good common-sense tips to make you a savvy consumer of the health establishment. It will cost you less than a cup of coffee each month. The life you save may be your own.





    INDIVIDUAL Subscriptions are available to health consumers with internet access. Setup of your site includes initializing a private site that is accessed by you alone, on any device from a mobile phone to a desktop computer.

    All individual features are marked "I" below.


    ORGANIZATION Programs are custom designed for organizations providing health services to their employees and members. If you are an employer firm, a health support group, or any other group of health consumers, our subscription service can provide a stream of helpful forms and strategies to save time and money, reduce absenteeism, and provide life-saving information in case of a health issue or accident.


    Our goal is to provide the easiest self-administering program so that all the details of using the service are automatic, safe, private and effective. To receive a proposal that is tailored to your organizations' specific needs please use the request form on the Organizations page below.


    Optional services to Organizations can include •Website hosting, •Domain acquisition and installation, •Logo design, •Basic website design • Branded eMail (i.e.,"info@organization-name") •Website hosting •Newsletter and Announcements •and more, all at discount prices that will delight you. All offered features are marked "O" on the list below.



    Monthly Administration Fee: After you provide your first name or membership data, all details of each subscription are handled without your intervention. The inexpensive fees are discounted for automatic payment (See immediately below.) "I and O"



    Automatic payment processing (Card on file): Subscribers can conveniently and safely pay month-by-month charges by opting with Square Creditcard Processing to secure your “Card on File.” Users do not have to enter credit card data each month. Individuals who enable this service pay a reduced monthly fee. Organizations can have subscriptions fees discounted in a total membership package , or can have the subscription fees billed to their individual members . "I and O"







    1• Responsive forms: All offerings will adjust to the size of the users’ screen (Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Mobile phone), and are automatically formatted for standard operating systems (Mac, Windows, iOS, Android)

    "I and O"


    2• Form Access: All interactive forms are offered with links for private computer accessibility:

    Choose either a code that embeds forms into your own website so that they are an integral part of your site, or

    opt for a link to direct access for each individual’s own form that appears in a new pop-up frame.

    "I and O"


    3• End to End encryption during transit and 4•Document Resting encryption.

    We use the Mozilla “Send” program to transmit files. Each dispatch is encrypted from the start of transmission to when it is downloaded. The transmission is then removed from the source file upon it’s downloading at destination, and the link is voided.

    "I and O"


    5• Private password: Each user sets their own password. Neither document administrators, medical practitioners, insurers, sponsors nor hackers can access that information.

    "I and O"


    6• Private payment processing: All payments are made through the Credit Card Processing company “Square-Up.” That credit card information is not accessible by PHR-Rescue. When a payment is due, Square sends an invoice. Payment can be conveniently made with bank-level encryption directly from the invoice.

    "I and O"


    7• Rebranding: The one-time registration fee covers the removal of PHR-Rescue branding and insertion of the organization name, logo, email address, and other desired identifiers.



    8• Website creation: Organizations without an internet presence can purchase a basic health website at a substantially reduced rate. We can also facilitate the acquisition of a unique domain name, web hosting, and logo design.



    9• Website deployment: PHR-Rescue will provide for website hosting and deployment of your responsive website, and will format deployment of website email (i.e., info@YourHealthSite.com)

    "I and O"


    10• User/Provider payment: Subscriptions are included in the monthly administration fee. If desired, each organization member can be billed for their private access to the program.

    "I and O"



    Personal Health History Features


    11• Depersonalization: All direct identifiers if are scrubbed by the program, leaving a medical history with nothing that an identity thief could sell.

    I"I and O"


    12• Sensitive data encryption: In addition to wall-to-wall and resting privacy, (see #3 & 4 above) other sensitive data is further protected by encryption, that blanks out that data with ••••••••dots.

    I"I and O"


    13• Save and Resume: Medical Histories can be lengthy, and respondents may be called away. Our medical history (A $200 value) has “Save and Resume” functionality, where a respondent can leave the form and can return to the same spot. The user can return at will to make edits and additions to their history. Patients can also return before a medical appointment to print out an updated record, thereby avoiding the tedium of filling out form after form at every encounter.

    "I and O"


    14• Conditional logic: Data fields are simplified and shortened, but at logical points, a respondent can invoke additional entry fields. For example, the Medical History provides only one prescription entry, but a respondent who has more than one medication can expand the form for more needed entries.

    "I and O"


    15• Notifications: When a form is completed, a protected notification can be sent to several parties of interest.

    "I and O"


    16• Coupon Codes: Sponsors and Organizations may, upon request, issue coupons that extend discounts, provide entry tickets to special events, or provide other incentives as desired.



    17• Practitioner copies: Copies of medical records can be sent in advance of appointments to medical encounters. Using a simple strategy, practitioners can easily identify the identity of the patient despite the fact that the record has been depersonalized. Having a detailed health record saves time and improves accuracy because the patient doesn’t have to recall the hundreds of details inherent to their history.

    "I and O"


    18• User copies: Respondents can automatically receive a copy of their medical history after each edit. They can then print out copies for each medical encounter saving time and eliminating the imperative to remember dates, addresses, prescription names and dosage.

    "I and O"


    19• Custom flash drives: Optional Flash drives are handy ways to have health records carried for emergency use. The PHR-Rescue drives can be printed with the organizations’ logo and name, and come with a key holder. This provides an opportunity for the sponsors’ name to be seen and remembered every time a user takes out their keys, Flash drives can store test results, scans, and doctors instructions as well as Personal Medical Histories.

    "I and O"


    Monthly Health Extras

    partial listing


    20• Living Will: A lawyer will draft a health directive for you for $150 to $500. Our tool will take a users’ individual preferences and reformat them into a merged document that is ready for signature'

    "I and O"


    21• Body-Mass Index: Enter your weight and height and our tool will calculate your body mass index and also provide a short explanation of what that number means health-wise.

    "I and O"


    22• News you can use: We scour medical news from sources that are not read by the general public. We simplify the message, taking out technical language and shortcuts (i. e., PCORI, or HIMSS) and sometimes offer a quick recap of what the news means for you.

    "I and O"


    23• Pre-checkup checklist: Before you go to any medical checkup, using this form will save time and focus the users’ session for the best results.

    "I and O"


    24• Vital Records forms: If you have blood sugar issues or have fluctuating blood pressure results, our forms will keep tabs of just what's going on for you.

    "I and O"


    25• Find a Doctor checklist: Don't just put your life in just anyone's hands. Use our worksheet to help guide you to an excellent doctor. There are methods to ensure that you get the cream of the crop.

    "I and O"


    26• Find a Hospital: What to look for and find in a hospital facility. Bigger is not necessarily better. We'll help you research before you need to choose.

    "I and O"


    27• Practitioner Roles: Do you know the difference between a Practical Nurse, a Registered Nurse, and a Nurse Practitioner? You'll see more of your nurses and others on this listing than you will see of your doctors. Be a savvy consumer and know just what you are paying for.

    "I and O"


    28• Specialist Roles: Don't pay for an Otorhinolaryngologist if you need a Pulmonologist or a Rheumatologist, and what do they all do anyway? This listing will help you focus on which specialist can help your problem.

    "I and O"


    29 • Alternate Supplementary Therapies: Which supplementary therapies might help you stay healthy and will make you feel better? From Acupuncture to Yoga to Relaxation Techniques, we tell you how to investigate these therapies and what they do.

    "I and O"


    30• Availability: This program is fully developed and ready for you to turn the key. There is a setup delay of 1/2 - 3 working days to permit us to confirm your account and install all automatic features, including privacy controls.. Organizations' time to setup-and-go can take up to 4 days to assemble your choices and upload your package. Elements that need designing, like new logos, or items that are government controlled will take a bit longer.

    "I and O"




    The above is a brief listing of major features. There are many more health-savers to look forward to. Users can count on at least one dispatch every week of the year, but frequently there will be more. Questions? info@phr-rescue.com



    Copyright 2018-2019 , Newton Malerman, All rights reserved, Patent Pending




    Setup fee: $5.50 ( One-time, first-month setup fee )
    Subscription fee: $2.25 invoiced monthly starting 2nd month
    Automatic billing: $1.99/month starting 2nd month


    Become a Health Hero, Reduce absenteeism, Save money

    Organizations that provide health services to their members find that their use of a PHR-Rescue plan builds morale, improves attendance, and improves healthcare. Use of the program saves time and money for both the patient and the practitioner. The program improves the speed, safety, and accuracy of health encounters.


    Our plans are hand-crafted to meet your every need. We are happy to prepare a no-obligation quote. After you provide a profile of your group, we'll design a proposal unique to your needs. There is no fee for this service. We appreciate the opportunity to work with you to make healthcare more safe, responsive, and economical.


    To access your no-obligation request form,




  • FAQs

    Frequently Asked Questions


    1. Will PHR sites work on my cell phone?
    2. What is your privacy policy?
    3. Is my medical history theft-proof?
    4. What is the cost of your service?
    5. Who needs a medical history anyway?
    6. How do I send my medical history to my practitioner?
    7. What if my Doctor has no email address?
    8. How will Emergency Medical Technicians know where to see my history?
    9. Are there any further terms and conditions?


    1. Will PHR sites work on my cell phone?

    Yes, this is a responsive website that will adapt to the size of your screen. It can be viewed on pads, laptops, and desktops as well as mobile phones.


    2. What is your privacy policy?

    We take your privacy very seriously and protect your sensitive data in several ways.

    • When you are logged into our health form, you are taken to another website. That site has a privacy seal at the top of the first page. Click on that seal to see details of that certificate.
    • Your health record is built on a separate site, which is certified secure “https.” The 's' signifies that you are on a secure site.
    • The PHR forms use “bank power” encryption.
    • We do not collect any data except that which you enter. You can further protect yourself by making sure that the address of any page on which you enter data is listed as https://. The 's' is your signal that the site is encrypted for your safety. In addition, sensitive data, like Password fields, are double-encrypted and the data is replaced with dots.
    • PDF personal histories are de-personalized, so that even if that record is somehow intercepted, there is no data on it to expose you to identity theft.

    3. Is my medical history theft-proof?

    Medical histories are more valuable to data thieves than social security numbers. Even if you were to lose your personal health record, only your first name or nickname is shown. If you email your PHR to your doctor through our system, only your appointment time will serve to identify you. We send both your copy and your doctors' record via a start-to-end encrypted pipeline. Our PHR is useless to thieves if you use some caution (see #7 below)


    4. What is the cost of your service?

    For less than it costs to buy one cup of coffee each month, you will get health news, valuable advice, and programs to make your health regimen easier. See ""Life Services." If you have a new health issue or new prescriptions, you can go back to edit, add, or change time after time with no additional fee. When you submit after editing, a new, updated PHR is supplied.


    5. Who needs a medical history anyway?

    • Children, Teens, and Twenties get sick too, Accidents, allergies, and contagious diseases happen at any age.
    • Drivers and Passengers. Driving while texting has more than doubled the accident and mortality rate. PHR's help emergency workers provide quick and accurate care.
    • Sports participants. Sports accidents do happen. Do you run the marathon? Ride a horse? Do aquatics or Lacrosse? You may be in a situation where your PHR needs to do the talking for you.
    • Occupational Hazards. Construction workers, police and firemen, truckers, roofers and many other risky occupations are protected with a personal health record on their person.
    • Health Conditions. Do you wear a pacemaker...? Have dangerous allergies...? Anyone administering to your health needs to know your conditions, medicines, and current symptoms.
    • Elders. Elders will be relieved and pleased that they don't have to remember the spelling and strength of all their prescriptions, the address and phone number of each of their doctors, and all of their systemic problems. PHR will supply those details ensuring more accurate care with less tension. Caretakers are relieved that information is transmitted without the fear that their patients will forget vital data.

    6 How do I send my medical history to my practitioner?

    When you enter your doctors’ email address on the last page of your history form, your doctor will receive an email with your history attached. The return address on that mail will not be ours. Your doctors’ staff will be able to quickly and easily identify that the record belongs to you.


    7. What if my Doctor has no email address?

    We recommend that you always print out your copy to take with you to appointments. It is, however, a good idea to mail a copy in advance if there is time. Simply snail-mail the copy to your doctor, but provide no return address on the envelope. Nothing in the printout will compromise your identity.


    8. How will Emergency Medical Technicians know where my history is located?

    Rules for EMTs vary from location to location. Most are not permitted to look for or open your wallet. We do sell an optional thumb drive on which you can carry your medical history, x-rays, test results, and other data. You can carry the drive on your key ring or around your neck like a dog tag. The rescue drive has the EMT emblem etched on it to alert them that the data is available for their use. To purchase our Rescue Drive, click on the following link to our sister site, www. phranklin.com. Then click the big blue button on the upper right labeled "Buy Rescue Drive."


    9. Are there any further terms and conditions?.

    • Please note that we do not offer medical advice or diagnoses.. Your history is entered by you, and you are responsible for its’ accuracy. We, therefore, disclaim all warranties of any kind relating to any product, service or component provided as part of these services. In using our sites, you acknowledge that you understand all of our terms, conditions, and instructions. If you need clarification of anything within our sites, use our "Contact Us" page to ask us any questions you may have.

    Copyrights 2018-2019 , Newton Malerman, All rights reserved, Patent Pending

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